Nath's Inspired Khmer Cuisine

nath’s Inspired khmer cuisine

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Feast from Afar
for the inspired host

Royal Khmer cuisine was refined in the palaces of Cambodia over centuries, served to royalty and their honored guests for generations. Flavors are subtle, and combinations of spices and herbs nuanced, summoning the textured expertise of that culinary lineage. 

With award-winning Chef Nath’s help, you can host a memorable experience in the comfort your own dwelling. Once the date is set, and the menu composed, you can savor your meal and tend to your company while the chef casts her culinary spell.





Every ingredient is carefully considered, mindfully prepared and masterfully combined. Chef Nath draws from her multi-cultural heritage and creatively updates each dish, leaving each more fresh and nutritious. 

She carefully selects the highest-quality produce, meats and seafood—always organic and local whenever possible. Her speciality ingredients are imported from the cleanest sources. Since she hand-pounds her own pastes from scratch, her food is guaranteed to be free of additives and preservatives. Most of her dishes can be made to accommodate vegetarians and they are naturally gluten free.

Chef Nath is a discerning food purchaser. She is uncompromising, right down to the types of salt and oil she employs. Her dishes are sweetened only with palm sugar, coconut sugar or fresh tropical fruits. Chef Nath’s meals deliver a full experience for your palette and for your spirit, leaving you satisfied, never sluggish or heavy.