a NOODLE Reborn

Chef Nath’s Pad Thai was one of her best-selling dishes during her time at Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen. Fans of her Pad Thai appreciate Chef Nath's departure from the usual American preparation of this dish. Her soft and supple noodles are never oily, wet or sticky. 

The enticing red color in her Pad Thai does not come from ketchup, as one finds at most Thai restaurants in America, but from blended red lentils and Hatch red chile pods. Beyond their striking color, the blended legumes build up the body of the sauce, while the Hatch red chile infuses the dish with a familiar New Mexican smokiness.

In a nod to the original dish, Chef Nath extracts her Pad Thai's tang direct from the pulp of tamarinds. Chef Nath sweetens her Pad Thai with fresh palm sugar, a natural sweetener preferred for its low glycemic index score, and her sauce is completely vegan because she uses sea salt instead of fish sauce.

As in many of Chef Nath’s dishes, she turns to daikon for its peppery and slightly bittersweet taste. This large white radish adds subtle complexity to her Pad Thai, and contains high levels of potassium, vitamin C and phosphorus. As a traditional medicine, daikon is known for its ability to improve digestion and for its anti-inflammatory and cooling effects.

Without compromising Pad Thai's sweet, tangy essence, Chef Nath breathes new life (and a healthier lifestyle) into this iconic dish.